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Learn From Young People

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Learn From Young People

No. In addition to a good basis for primary and secondary employment conditions, the less concrete aspects of a healthy working environment also play a major role in being a good employer. These are not always measurable in figures, but are anchor in the organisational culture and form a feeling among the employe.

A number of characteristics that good employers meet:

1. Eye for the ideal

It is generally known that a good work-life balance makes a positive VP Maintenance Email Lists contribution to happiness at work. And this balance has gained momentum, partly due to the pandemic. We see that (partial) home working is still a norm in many organizations.

While one employee works well from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., other employees need more freedom to pick up some work in the evenings or weekends, for example when the children are sleeping. Like Marieke in the example below. She works at a municipality, where the 9-to-5 mentality is one of the prejudices. By aligning her working hours with her private agenda, she also surprises customers:

I had a huge prejudice. Gosh, then I’m a civil servant with a 9-to-5 mentality. It’s so different from what I imagined. Customers are also really surprised when I call at 7 o’clock. I determine those times myself. – Marie (47)

Chief and VP of Maintenance Email Lists

work-life balance

In addition, we see that more and more organizations . With a positive employer image no longer apply a limit to the number of vacation days. All this, of course, on the basis of trust and responsibility. Because if an employee feels good about himself, this contributes positively to the results. For example , our parent company Jobsrepublic has chosen to offer unlimited vacation days .There are even organizations, such as WeTransfer , that are also putting the wellbeing of employees first this summer. During the summer they give employees a (half) day off to ‘go outside’. In addition, there are also organizations that use a standard full-time working week of four days.

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