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Yahoo! Revolutionizes Targeting Of Behavioral Advertising

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Yahoo! Revolutionizes Targeting Of Behavioral Advertising

Behavioral Targeting Shoppers or Engagers, which allow reinforcing the brand image or promoting the purchase, depending on the user and the moment The new functionalities allow advertising to be directed to the user not only according to their preferences but also according to the moment Belgium Mobile Database of the purchase cycle in which they are five years after introducing Behavioral Targeting for the first time in the United States, Yahoo! Network has released in Spain a revolutionary tool that allows, not only to direct advertising campaigns to the public that really interests them but also to send them the type of messages that best suit each moment of the purchase cycle. In this way, behavioral segmentation broadens its horizons both in increasing brand awareness and in generating response when purchasing a certain product or service. Belgium Mobile Database

Behavioral Targeting (BT) is a revolutionary targeting tool that allows advertisers, through the most innovative technology, to send their messages to the right consumers, at the right time and with the right message. Determining based on user activity what type of messages are most relevant. The experience of Yahoo!, a pioneer and leader in behavioral segmentation, has allowed it to develop new functionalities in this area, detecting when is the right time to send messages focused on the purchase (such as special offers, limited for a time, etc.) and when it is a good time to reinforce the brand image. Yahoo! Network offers BT Engagers as the best tool to connect with the target audience in order to Brother Cell Phone List increase brand awareness and engagement with it. This functionality is the most suitable for the type of messages that consumers who are beginning to feel interested in a product or category of products will be interested in receiving, but whose interest is not yet at the ‘peak’ within the purchase cycle.

On the other hand, BT Shoppers is one more step and allows to launch an impact directly to those consumers who are really interested in purchasing a product. In this way, Yahoo! Network offers this functionality in promotional campaigns aimed at generating a response, sales, customer acquisition, or registrations. With these new tools, advertising is not only more effective for the advertiser but also more relevant for the user. According to the study by the consulting firm Forrester “US Interactive Marketer Online”, more than 22% of the budget of online advertisers in the United States is allocated to advertising targeted by behavior. On the other hand, data from the EIAA MediaScope 08, in Spain, reveal that 68% of users are positive or neutral that advertising is based on their online habits and 57% consider it important that ads are based on their preferences.


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