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Yahoo Buys Blue Lithium Online Advertising Network

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Yahoo Buys Blue Lithium Online Advertising Network

Yahoo will buy Blue Lithium for $ 300 million (€ 220 million) in cash. With the recent purchase of Right Media, a company specializing in advertising exchange, Yahoo is building a powerful foundation to deal with the dominance of rival Google in the field of online advertising. In addition, it has already reached an agreement to serve  Thailand Mobile Database the advertising of pages such as eBay, the cable provider Comcast Corp. and a good number of online newspapers. BlueLithium has some characteristics that can make it key to Yahoo’s advertising strategy. Thailand Mobile Database

The company, with an online advertising network that includes companies such as General Motors, also has a tracking technology, called “behavioral targeting”, which allows the interests of surfers to be automatically identified, which is ideal for establishing a very effective dedicated advertising system. for advertisers. “We believe this is the next logical step in Brother Cell Phone List our evolution,” says Todd Tereso, senior vice president of Yahoo’s publisher network, as quoted by Yahoo News. If the deal runs smoothly, it will be closed before the end of this year. Blue Lithium has a staff of 135 employees distributed in ten offices, both in the United States and in Europe.

Online advertising is one of the main open fronts between Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. Until now, Google has managed to go ahead. In the first half of this year alone, Yahoo’s profits fell 7 percent to $ 303 million (€ 202.2 million), while Google’s grew 47 percent to $ 1.9 billion. dollars (1,393 million euros).

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