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Web Metrics: The Key To Digital Growth

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Web Metrics: The Key To Digital Growth

In a digital marketing strategy, metric analysis is essential. If they are not carried out, you cannot know if they are meeting the objectives and the desired effect of the implemented tactics, nor can you know how to improve. When you have a website, it is common that you want to know everything about your visitors, as well as everything they do on the site, do you remember that a few years ago there were websites that United-Arab-Emirates Mobile Database showed a counter that reflected the number of visits that were made? And that was basically the only thing that was measured. Well, those times are far behind, now with different digital measurement tools we can know not only how many visits are received, but from what geographical area, how many unique visitors, who have been clicked on, how long they remain on our pages, what is the most read content, if they try to make an online purchase and much more data, and from all of them something can be learned. United-Arab-Emirates Phone Number List

Each web metric means something valuable to take into account, it is like the symptom of a medical patient, each symptom means something and we must evaluate them all to find a way to heal our patient, which in our case is about the website. Websites must be in constant change, in continuous improvement because it is required by the medium, if it is detected that there is a problem on our website, for example, that our website has many visits from unpaid Google results, but it is you know that users who enter do not navigate within it and leave it quickly, this can mean many things: The SEO of the site is good at the moment and for certain keywords that is why Google shows it in its results.

The content does not seem interesting to the visitor or it is not relevant for the words with which it was displayed on Google The Site does not build trust and is therefore quickly abandoned. 4. The Keywords with which it was shown in Google are not suitable for the site, therefore the problem is SEO Since there are certain hypotheses of the style, now we must discard one by one until considering only those that Brother Cell Phone List can really be a symptom of discomfort for our “patient”, once this is done, solutions can be proposed and should opt for those that are more promising, once the possible solutions are put into practice, you have to give time and evaluate again with the metrics of the following month. Web measurements are what will allow us to give us an idea of ​​what works and what does not, within our website, without them we would simply make random assumptions.

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