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The Written Press Turns Its Eyes To Online Advertising

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The Written Press Turns Its Eyes To Online Advertising

Perhaps it is obvious to say that Marketing and Advertising in the written press have suffered a real upheaval in recent years, as a result of the arrival of the knowledge and information society to almost all areas of daily life. What does seem like a novelty is that the traditional print Malta Mobile Database media are beginning to become aware of this new situation and try to articulate profound changes in their marketing strategy to try to regain their position in the Advertising market. Indeed, newspaper editors in Spain seem to have already made the determination to stop regretting their fate and try to enter fully into the world of communication and Online Marketing. Malta Mobile Database

This was expressed by representatives of the Association of Spanish Newspaper Editors (AEDE) in a recent conference held in La Coruña on the press and new technologies, in which it was clear that the press wrote already assumes the change of era and manifests a resounding commitment to the reinforcement of quality and opinion in its multimedia offers. Similarly, AEDE spokespersons confessed their new concern for innovation in their online classified ad sections, and for the search for creative ways to integrate traditional and digital newsrooms. The tragic decline in advertising turnover experienced by Brother Cell Phone List traditional print media has led those responsible to look back at the network and participatory media within Web 2.0, since to date the Internet had only played a very subsidiary role for companies promoting traditional newspapers.

Now the horizon for the recovery of the advertising market and for adaptation to the new times necessarily passes through the increase in the turnover of Online Advertising and the development of new Advertising formats in digital editions. On the other hand, many newspapers have not yet paid sufficient attention to the quality and volume of content in their online editions, in addition to operating almost no integration and the relationship between their information offers on paper and on the Internet. After many ups and downs and difficulties, the traditional press already seems to recognize the problem and is making a commitment to Online Advertising, content on the Internet, and continuous innovation in its digital editions. A) Yes,

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