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The Power of Post It’s-5 Wonderful Uses for Organizing Your Life

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The Power of Post It’s-5 Wonderful Uses for Organizing Your Life

Post It’s are a great invention, are they not? They come in great colors, different shapes, and they have flags, dividers, FIJI EMAIL LIST tabs, and they even come inside of a highlighter! They also seem to act like gremlins after you get them wet. One of my clients called me one afternoon and she swore that after she came back from lunch her Post It’s had reproduced like bunnies and she was now overran with pink and yellow stickies all over her desk. What else could I do but laugh? I thought back to how many times that has happened to me and how many times I had actually done the very same thing.Fiji Email List

“Jill, call me when you get back from lunch. Thx, Suz”

Sometimes I would get a call back and sometimes a week later Jill would come by and say, “Did you leave this for me today?” The blank stare on my face was enough to tell her that I had no memory of the “incident” and all was lost. It was at that time that I decided that I am going to put together a veritable Post It fortress. One where my love of Post It’s wouldn’t be lost, but it would become a visual assault on all that was chaos. Thus, the Power of Post It’s came to the rescue.

We are going to take 5 situations where Post It’s could come in handy with prioritizing and organizing your daily tasks. We’ll go ahead and start at home and work our way to the office.

1. Post It’s at Home: I have a family of 4 with a very active hubby-to-be and two socialite children, not to mention their mother. Trying to figure out who had hockey, when tests were, and no one told me there was a field trip today, was an organizers nightmare! MY nightmare. We tried a slew of different methods to get us all on the same page and then one day I found a little blue Post It on my computer monitor written in the big print of an 8 year old, “Can I go to Hunters howse?” It dawned on me that this just may be the solution to our little nightmare.

I had just picked up a pack of 3 foam core boards for my daughter’s Country report and I had impulse shopped for a new pack of Extra Sticky Post It’s at Staples so I was well on my way to a brilliant idea. I printed out labels for Sunday through Saturday in a bright red fun font. The Extra Sticky Post It’s came in a pack of 5 colors and I separated the stack and placed them in a row at the top of the board. Underneath the Post It’s came the labels for the day of the week. Since purple is my favorite color, I used a purple Post It and labeled it with Dress Fitting 5:30pm and placed it under Tuesday. My daughter had an orthodontist appointment on Wednesday so I labeled a green Post It with Ortho – 7:30am and put it under Wednesday. I did the same thing for everyone in the family and filled the board up in no time and since there were 5 colors in the Post It stack, each member of the family had their own color and that left one color for “the whole family”.

Now whenever the kids have something going on, they fill out a Post It place it on the board and wha-la I know what’s going on! Every Sunday morning, we go through what we have scheduled for the coming week and update the Post It Board. The kids have a great time with it and surprisingly enough it has been one of those things we have diligently kept up.

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