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The New Habits Of Users Consolidate The Internet Medium

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The New Habits Of Users Consolidate The Internet Medium

According to the new study “Mediascope Europe Study” carried out by the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA), which represents European interactive media; The Internet is already the means of communication in which users spend the most time. In our country, this trend has Czech-Republic Mobile Database been verified and continues to increase due in large part to a change in user habits, something that is also experienced at the European level. In Spain alone, Internet users spend an average of 12.1 hours per week connected to the network, exceeding the 11.7 hours per week that they dedicate to media such as television, or 10.9 hours in the case of radio. Czech-Republic Mobile Database

To develop this study, more than 9000 surveys have been carried out in European countries, including Spain, where 1000 of these surveys have been carried out, revealing that at a global level, on the European continent there are 178 million people (60% of the population) who regularly connect to the Internet. Other data in this report analyze and show the trends of Internet users, with online searches, social networks, and music downloads being the most used resources. Impact of new Brother Cell Phone List trends and habits in the Advertising sector Undoubtedly this is a clear reflection that makes evident the current growth of the internet medium and that has a direct impact on the online advertising market that every day increases its business figures and the investments of advertisers on a medium that despite the crisis The economy remains stable and in a maturing process that clearly indicates that the online and interactive advertising sector is showing great strength and being a market that continues to mature by leaps and bounds.

Television, on the other hand, is getting worse every day retracted by users and viewers themselves. According to data from the latest survey carried out by the Consell de audiovisual de Catalunya (CAC), the problems most cited by the audience are directly related to the broadcast of heart programs, trash TV programming, and excess violence, and advertising saturation. Factors without sweat are forcing users to modify their own habits in favor of more continuous and growing use of the Internet.

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