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The New Golden Decade Of The Internet And Online Advertising

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The New Golden Decade Of The Internet And Online Advertising

It is indisputable that today the Internet is part of our lives and in some way, this technological medium has generated important changes between our customs, habits, and trends. These changes have caused the internet medium to become little by little a reference medium capable of destabilizing the domains of which, years ago, were the media par excellence. Television, radio, and the written press have witnessed the evolution of the Internet as a new parallel world where millions of people participate and interact from anywhere in the world, accessing information with a simple click and staying connected at all times. The Internet has become a means of communication for Belarus Mobile Database mass audiences with the added difference that thanks to technology, it is possible to adapt or direct information according to different established parameters or to the customs and profiles of the users. Something that has undoubtedly served to enhance, segment, and increase the results of online advertising. The growth of the Internet medium in the last decade has exceeded almost all of the predictions generated around it, but without a doubt, the most important thing is that it has gone from becoming a secondary element to an indispensable resource for both companies and users. anonymous and individuals. Belarus Mobile Database

The advertising sector in its incessant search for audiences has experienced “a mutation” or evolution of its standards, finding on the internet a new communication channel where through different advertising actions it is possible to convert the impact of an advertisement into a response or “almost instantaneous” buying action. During this last decade, advertising media and formats have also evolved, giving rise to new marketing strategies and trends. Traditional banners and graphic creatives are still the models most used by advertisers, although every day, other formats such as viral advertising or online videos proliferate as advertising media. Many companies and brands have long realized the importance and potential of the Internet as a channel for promotion and marketing, betting on marketing and advertising strategies through the Internet. Today, large companies and advertisers allocate a large part of their advertising investment budgets on actions and online marketing campaigns.

Advertising investment in interactive media in Spain in 2008 experienced an increase of 26.45% with respect to 2007. A trend also verified at a global level and which clearly indicates the commitment of companies and advertisers to the internet and online advertising. Towards the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the advertising sector continues to show signs of weakness due in large part to the Brother Cell Phone List current moment of uncertainty caused by the effects of the global economic crisis. However, despite all this, the internet and online advertising continue to proliferate against the tide and grab the attention of all the major advertisers. The most optimistic forecasts indicate that the crisis will tend to normalize, reaching economic stability in mid-2010 and early 2011. By then, many “titans” will have fallen by the wayside and some media such as television or the written press will have lost. a large part of its shares in the advertising market in this case in favor of the internet.

During the next few years and until 2011 we will live a transition period that will undoubtedly result in the origin and birth of a new golden decade of the Internet medium, where the number of new users will continue to increase and where online advertising will begin to devour quotas. market. The speed with which new technologies innovate is well known. In this new decade, many of them will consolidate other markets such as mobile telephony where the Internet and advertising will also play a leading role. In the middle of this new decade, mobile marketing will be as relevant as Internet advertising is today. The concept of television will evolve and the silly box will go down in history to become a new smart device with new features for interaction, connectivity, and access to the network. A new television will inherit the trends of the current internet so that we can share television programs, give opinions, create our networks of friends or participate in groups of fans of television series. Endowed with new features, the television advertising of the future will also have a multimedia character and may be segmented according to the interests and preferences of viewers.

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