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The High CPM Of The Main Online Media

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The High CPM Of The Main Online Media

The vast majority of large communication and information media on the Internet work with CPM advertising campaigns (effective cost per thousand impressions) and that can be calculated by dividing the total income by the total number of impressions in thousands. Some advertising affiliate systems such as Adsense, resort to the retribution Nepal Mobile Database of the campaigns based on the effectiveness of the clicks made on the published ads. Its translated equivalence to eCMP is usually much lower than expected in most cases, however in large portals and digital media, the costs associated with this type of campaign tend to operate with high CMP costs. Nepal Mobile Database

Sergi Mateo , founder of the Bloogs network has made astudy analyzing the prices of campaigns based on CPM of the main portals and online media in Spain. In this study, we can highlight the high cost of this type of online advertising campaign where, on some occasions and in the media, the cost of its CPM is around 90 Euros. Sergi Mateocommented that “Surely, advertisers who pay these amounts not only seek to get traffic and enhance their product / service but also associate their brand with the professionalism and cache of the portal.” With that Brother Cell Phone List conclusion we can answer the question that everyone is asking. Why can’t our price be greater than or equal to that of the big newspapers? The answer is obvious, by image and prestige. While the large media take the advertising investment of large firms, other media or supports such as blogs, or conventional websites tend to be left with lower-profile advertising, which in some cases can damage the image of a website or blog and at the same time prevent attracting other advertisers. comparative table of the main formats The prices average around 48 euros the CPM, with what we could say that with an advertising budget of 5,000 euros, a company gets just over 100,000 impressions in some of the leading information media on the network.

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