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The Economic Acceleration Of Online Advertising

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The Economic Acceleration Of Online Advertising

While many companies have had to cut their budgets, the online advertising and marketing industry will remain in a prime position to deal with the tough times of the economic slowdown. According to data provided by PriceWaterHouse Coopers, advertising spends in interactive media in the years Luxembourg Mobile Database from 2005 to 2006 has almost tripled, reaching 310, 5 million euros. On the other hand, the report “US Internet Advertising 2008-2012”, by the prestigious consultancy IDC, indicates that the growth of the online marketing and advertising sector in the US will double over the next four years.

Luxembourg Mobile Database

According to IDC the growth rate of the online marketing and advertising sector number will be eight times that of the traditional advertising sector, which leads to an estimate that the Internet will account for 15.6% of the total investment in advertising, surpassing even other traditional media such as television and the written press. The saturation of these media has generated the need to search for alternative media such as the internet to reach consumers. Spain currently has a growth figure of more than 50%, which is why the online advertising market in Spain, together with that of Italy, is one of the fastest-growing in all of Europe. The main markets, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, have grown on average 38% in 2007. It is anticipated that for the first time in the United Kingdom in 2008, the revenue from Google advertising throughout its territory will be superior to those of all the newspapers of the country combined. In addition, the total investment in internet advertising will exceed that of television Investments in online advertising based on search engine marketing and display Brother Cell Phone List advertising will continue to be the advertising format that will generate the vast majority of revenue during this period. This means that for any brand or company, these advertising media should be a fundamental part of their marketing strategies.

Likewise, online video will be consolidated as the advertising medium with the greatest projection, which could reach revenues of close to 4,000 million dollars by 2012. Many companies out of fear of the slowdown and an uncertain panorama have decided to take first measures, cut your marketing budget, which is precisely the means by which customers are attracted, despite the fact that online marketing and advertising are going through their best moment, this first reaction all that does is paralyze the flow of customers and with it the options for the future and growth that the company has. While many companies cut their budget, The future of marketing and advertising happens in these moments of economic conjuncture online, let’s focus even more on them, because after all, it is what brings customers, also in difficult times if they know how to take advantage, they are a good opportunity for consolidation and growth of the company, those businesses that know how to take advantage of them and jump on the bandwagon will get a good piece of this cake.

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