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The Assessment Of The Impact Of Brands In Marketing

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The Assessment Of The Impact Of Brands In Marketing

After the technological revolution that has consolidated the Internet as an ideal digital medium through which to implement a multitude of Marketing and Advertising strategies, debates have arisen in relation to the different online advertising models and the loss of values ​​of some concepts that Ecuador Mobile Database they seem to be displaced into the background. Currently, online advertising continues to be dominated by campaigns based on CPA or CPR, although every day other models such as CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) begin to become the only standard for large media that seek to amortize their investments and generate profits. and income more in line with your business objectives. Ecuador Mobile Database

However, other media such as television, radio, or the written press have coexisted for decades with advertising models that have little to do with those that proliferate today on the Internet and where the impact and visibility of the brand continue to be a factor highly valued and taken into account. Until the arrival of the current economic crisis, the written media survived thanks to a solid influx of brands and advertisers willing to allocate a large part of their advertising investment in this type of media with full-page advertisements promoting their news and star products in looking for a direct impact on the reader. Some cases such as the broadcast of the Super bowl where advertisers invest large amounts to advertise their spots can serve as an example to understand that advertising actions are not only based on return or immediate response but on construction, reputation, and impact of a product or a brand. These processes are more associated with Branding tactics base their strategy on the continued exposure of the brand itself.

In the sports world, sports sponsorships are considered the best-positioned models for the promotion and construction of brands, with clear examples of companies like Bwin that have invested significant amounts of money to become official sponsors of large sports clubs. However, not everyone wins on the internet. Many of the results-based advertising models forget that aspects related to Branding or that brand strategy should also provide compensation to the media that have their Brother Cell Phone List advertising supports. It is true that from the advertiser’s point of view, the current approach offers the possibility of reducing and adjusting costs based on its results and carrying out online advertising campaigns with low budgets or without the need for large investments.

On the internet, large advertisers are aware that even in the face of the low effectiveness of their promotions and campaigns based on CPR or CPA, the continuous exposure and “free visibility” of their brands is yielding positive results. However, the benefit of the media before this type of campaign decreases considerably to the point of opting to implement other advertising models such as those based on CPM or direct sponsorships and proof of this is that most of the large social networks and internet sites have not found a profitable formula based solely on these advertising models. Even business models cannot be based exclusively on advertising, something that was however possible in traditional media outside the virtual world.

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