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The 6 Phases of Web Marketing

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The 6 Phases of Web Marketing

When Web Marketing is executed correctly and completely, Romania Email List it has six distinct phases. These phases will be described in the following paragraphs and illustrated by examples.

1. Capture Phase

The first phase of Web Marketing is what can be called “Capture Phase.” The objective of this phase is very simple, it is to bring visitors to your site. But unless you’re a site that lives only by the number of visits and through advertising (such as portals or the ezines), you might want to not that everyone and anyone who come visit. You are on the Internet to do business, to sell products or services and what you are looking for, they are potential customers. These customers, we can call them “customers value-added”! Here are three methods to get them to visit your website.Romania Email List

A. People are discovering the sites, above all, thanks to search engines. One of the reports of Ernst & Young “indicating that half of those who purchased on the Internet have found their product through search engines. You have to necessarily learn how to optimize your ranking in search engines.

B. The other way that can be found on the Internet is through a link. You can register either in an exchange program of banners or establish your own reciprocal links with other sites. To discover the persons associated with you, you can try at the request form at Infoseek, this “link

C. Use banners and advertising on sites a large audience is really popular. The response rate does not always follow through against. Each population, each country more or less reacts differently depending on the type of banners used. Some design, some form, some text may cause a positive reaction in France, no reaction in Quebec and a normal reaction in Belgium. You should know from the outset what kind of audience you want to target for the design of the banner and the choice of site or advertisement is made.

2. Phase Control

This may be the most difficult phase. The website should reflect the needs and desires of your visitors and not projecting the benefits and qualities of your products. To simplify, your website must be a mirror of your visitor and not a presentation of your company. Here are a few features taken into account to facilitate the control of your visitors.

A. Each of your different visitors with its own level of knowledge of the Internet. Be not take experiment for the ignorant and the beginner, for a specialist. Therefore propose several approaches.

B. Repeat so that your site promotes the interest of your visitors. It is their desire to go further, learn more about you, your products.

C. Give enough choices BBBORG to your guests to match as often as possible to their needs and interests.

3. Qualification Phase

Once phase control is done properly and skillfully analyzed the information obtained is a result enough to make an initial qualification of your visitors. This is simply to have your site, choices, options, possibilities as you learn, every time, more about your visitors. A kind of journey that you can separate your visitors into different categories corresponding to your products, services. This is a time to define your visitors, if they are “customers value-added” or not!

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