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Synergies Between Adwords-Analytics

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Synergies Between Adwords-Analytics

A very common problem that we encounter when we have the first contact with our clients is that most of them are already using more or less advanced web analytics programs, but they do not know how to get the most out of the information they offer. All statistics programs offer basic information such as the number of visits, impressions by visitors, the origin of the visit, type of search engine used, etc … but depending on Brazil Mobile Database on the type of website we are managing, we will have to pay more attention to some data than others. Professionally, I think that a free tool like Google Analytics is more than enough for most web projects, and if it is configured in an advanced way it can offer us really valuable information. The advantage of Analytics is that it is a free application and if we use it together with Google AdWords it allows us to extract really interesting joint information. In e-commerce sites, the most important metrics that we must analyze are profits, income, conversion rates, average order, and the average cost of conversions.Brazil Mobile Database

This is the most complicated configuration to obtain reliable data, but if we configure AdWords and Analytics properly, most of the information will be in real-time. For example, it is possible to indicate the price or profit obtained by an individual product so that when we consult the data on our website we see which campaigns have a higher return on investment (ROI). An especially important piece of information that Analytics offers us is knowing which data sources are generating income for us. For example, we can know the daily profitability of the banner on an affiliate’s website, know the profitability of an emailing campaign, know that a keyword in SEO (organic positioning) generates X income, and the most profitable words of our campaign of search engine advertising (SEM).

This second type of website, which bases its business on the generation of Leads (Registrations or Information Requests) is surely the one that can get the most out of an AdWords campaign and Web analytics. In the Lead Generation sites, the most important metrics to analyze are volume of leads generated, click-to-lead conversion rate, income generated by each lead, cost per lead, and profit from each visit. Most of the information we need is provided by Brother Cell Phone List to us by AdWords itself once we have properly configured the conversion tracking, but as with e-commerce sites, there is information from additional campaigns (emails, banners, links purchased in other websites, etc …) that we can only obtain with Analytics. It is even possible to know the quality and profitability generated by free results in search engines (SEO) compared to the results of paid search engine campaigns (SEM).

A very common mistake of many campaigns in AdWords is to look only at the CPC cost per click instead of the cost per Lead or number of Conversions. What more does it give us to pay 1 Euro per click if we get clients at 5 Euros and our product is sold at a price of 50 Euros? Isn’t it more profitable than a CPC campaign at 0.50 Euros but that hardly generates Leads or generates them at an exorbitant price? The Conversion rate and the final cost per Lead are the most important data in this type of campaign. The model of sites that base their business on advertising is simpler: they must obtain the maximum number of pages viewed per user and manage to sell their advertising space at the best possible price to maximize their income. Faced with this model, the objective we must follow is a campaign with a low CPC.

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