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Revalue The Impacts Of Brands In Marketing And Online Advertising

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Revalue The Impacts Of Brands In Marketing And Online Advertising

We recently started the debate around the valuation of the through Marketing and Online Advertising actions. In our reflection, we highlighted the dominance of the different advertising models by which the Internet advertising market is currently governed to a great extent. CPA, CPC, or CPR are some of the most widespread models used to measure investment or expenses in internet marketing campaigns. However, it is clear that displaying advertising, despite the Cyprus Mobile Database lack of clicks, can have a significant positive impact on our brand or company. This is precisely what has been tried to demonstrate through a study developed by the consulting firm ComScore and for which 139 campaigns and graphic advertisements (banners) have been analyzed, with the aim of showing that this type of advertising does not usually give rise to an immediate click action by users. Something that obviously makes sense because the ads in general are not presented at a time of purchase intention. Cyprus Mobile Database

However, despite these conclusions, this type of advertising action also handles a beneficial component for corporate objectives and that acts directly on the memory of the brand. A factor to take into account and that according to this study causes users to retrieve the information from the advertising message in a time frame of about four weeks after viewing the ads. Taking this reaction and effect into account, could the advertising models that do not value the presence or impact of the brand and that are based exclusively on the effectiveness of the click action, could they be becoming obsolete? The answer to this question may lie in the advertiser’s own objective since we could differentiate between the advertising action with the objective of making a sale or the strategy to position or generate a greater impact and exposure of our brand. Something that is usually common in sponsorship and sponsorship actions.

On the internet, there seems to be a trend that obsessively focuses all its resources on measuring the effectiveness of clicks and the returns of different media and advertising campaigns that seem to reduce their cost and benefit every day due to the “monopolies” of large companies who control the Internet advertising market. We accept that online marketing and advertising impose their own rules, but this may mean locating your own Achilles heel in this sense and proof of this is what happened recently in France, where the written press media that Brother Cell Phone List jumped onto the net They can’t find a way to recoup their income because the prices of online advertising are getting lower every day. The traditional print media based the calculation of their advertising impacts in relation to their number of regular readers. Something that, when applied to the Internet, throws calculations, predictions, and the expected profit margin to the ground since, even by tripling the number of users in relation to the readers of its paper versions, advertising revenues are still insufficient to consolidate and make profitable their business.


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