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Paypal Entrusts Its Advertising Campaign To Text 100

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Paypal Entrusts Its Advertising Campaign To Text 100

The Paypal company, specialized in payments through the Internet, has selected the Public Relations consultancy to manage an Advertising campaign that will contribute to the growth of a user community that in Spain Morocco Mobile Database already exceeds one million people. Text 100 Spain, consultant Public Relations specializes in the market for information technology, develop the campaign Advertising of Paypal, in relation to your payment activity over the Internet, without the need to provide personal or financial data. Morocco Mobile Database

Paypal was founded in 1998 in San José California, where it is based and has been a subsidiary of the eBay group since 2002. Text 100, which already works with Paypal in the Netherlands, has been selected by the company after a competition held in March between various agencies of Advertising in which Marc Jaugey, Head of PR for the EMEA region of Paypal participated; Marcelo Campos, Marketing Director of Paypal Spain and Fernando Aparicio, General Director of PayPal Spain. The relationship has been effective since last May. Text 100 thus expands its portfolio of clients in the digital lifestyle sector. In reference to the appointment of Text 100Spain as his local Advertising consultancy, Marcelo Campos has commented: “We knew Text 100 for its work for eBay in other offices such as Holland. We believe that the knowledge they have of our market and the creativity they can bring to our advertising campaign are two compelling reasons to bet on the team ”.

Virginia Huerta, CEO of the Marketing Text 100 agency Spain, has pointed out: “We are delighted to incorporate into our client portfolio a company that, like ours, works to make the benefits of innovation available to users.” And he added: “Online shopping is gaining more and more Brother Cell Phone List weight in our market. We will work with Paypal to achieve, among other objectives, that more and more people feel calm and confident when carrying out a daily task such as shopping, but this time through that great shopping center that is the Internet ”. About Text 100 Spain Text 100Spain has been in Madrid since 1997 and currently works with clients such as IBM, Vodafone, Xerox, Novell, Software AG, TradeDoubler, Palm,, Parrot, ViaMichelin, and Juniper Networks, among others. Text 100 Spain is a partner of ADECEC, the Spanish Association of Communication Consulting Companies, and DICOM.

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