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Opposition To The Advertising Agreement Between Yahoo And Google

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Opposition To The Advertising Agreement Between Yahoo And Google

The National Association of Advertisers (ANA) of the United States has sent a letter to the US Government itself with the objective that the regulatory bodies review the advertising agreement signed last June between the companies Yahoo and Google. a duration of four years with the possibility of extending six more. The content of this letter indicates that this Latvia Mobile Database advertising deal monopolizes the search market with a joint share of 90%. Something that for advertisers themselves is considered “very negative” because it would also reduce competition and increase the price of advertising in searches. Both Google and Yahoo! remain firm regarding this agreement, highlighting that their prices are determined by regulators, by competitive auction Latvia Mobile Database

The Justice Department’s antitrust investigation of the advertising partnership between Google and Yahoo has revealed the growing resentment and fear of Google’s power among some of the biggest players in the advertising industry the very customers that Google needs to keep expanding its business. Some of the leading industry associations and advertising agencies that have come out against the deal have raised concerns that prices will rise. Their anxiety over Google’s increasing Brother Cell Phone List dominance of the lucrative and fast-growing search advertising business, and the very fairness of Google’s auction system for pricing search ads, could lead to growing confrontations.

“Google and Yahoo claim these are auctions,” said Robert D. Liodice, chief executive of the Association of National Advertisers. “Many of our marketers don’t necessarily believe that these are real auctions.” The association, which represents many of the largest advertisers in the United States, as well as its Canadian counterpart and a group representing newspapers worldwide, has asked the Justice Department and regulators in Europe and Canada to block the deal. Several other industry groups have criticized the deal but have stopped short of asking it be blocked.


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