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Online Marketing And Advertising: What 2008 Left Us

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Online Marketing And Advertising: What 2008 Left Us

At the end of the year, we wanted to assess and highlight the most important elements, factors, and moments that occurred during 2008, around the world of Marketing and Advertising. After leaving behind 2007 as the year in which Online Advertising and Marketing reached their highest growth rates, 2008 has been an important step for advertising in digital media. The Internet has established itself as a competitive medium capable of devouring and surpassing many of the traditional media that have seen their foundations crumble, affected by the Dominican-Republic Mobile Database effects of an economic crisis that has also weakened the advertising sector. 2008 will be remembered as the year in which the print media discovered its own Achilles heel on the Internet and in which the large publishing groups peaked when they lost the trust of their own advertisers who now place their trust in online advertising and the internet medium that according to the forecasts will continue to grow to position itself as one of the most important media for advertising marketing. Dominican-Republic Mobile Database

Professionals who work in the communication sector and operate through the Internet world are aware and highlight the fundamental role of Online Marketing and its importance today and in the future. Undoubtedly, this year has also been important in terms of technological innovations that have driven trends and new formulas for the implementation of advertising and strategic marketing actions. Mobile Marketing a year is again a candidate to increase their investment forecasts but that seems not to finish off although considered one of the most promising trends. The arrival of the iPhone 3G and the new generation of similar mobiles will provide the mobile marketing sector with new and better experiences and possibilities.

However, the Internet is at a time of splendor where new trends evolve as formulas to increase the visibility of companies and brands in the media and social networks that now constitute a challenge for companies and advertisers, and in which Social Media Marketing has supposedly a whole phenomenon opening the doors to a new era of communication through Brother Cell Phone List which to connect more directly with users and consumers, which in turn make them evangelistic clients in favor of a new advertising model less intrusive and with a great viral effect. According to the latest data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, advertising investment in digital media has grown by 17.22% compared to the previous semester, and 39.46% compared to the first half of 2007 and although they still account for 8% of The total advertising market confirms the good moment that the digital marketing sector is going through.

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