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Online Advertising Threatens UK Network ITV

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Online Advertising Threatens UK Network ITV

It is not risky to affirm that online advertising directs its actions to the objective of surpassing, in the medium term, television advertising. The United Kingdom commercial television company ITV is not immune to this stiff competition, which is going through uncertain times in its business expectations due to different factors. In addition, the so-called “economic slowdown” seems to be conditioning forecasts of zero Panama Mobile Database growth in the advertising contracting of the British ITV chain during the first half of 2008. However, ITV’s main enemies in the advertising market seem to be more than its own economic crisis, firms Google, Yahoo, and cable channels. The power of online advertising increases by the day, and its effects are being felt in the income statements of television networks, which until now had not known such a threatening competitor. Panama Mobile Database

On the other hand, the stock market is also punishing ITV that has seen the price of its shares fall at various times. And all this without forgetting the harsh fine with which the regulator Ofcom punished the audiovisual company of the islands, accused of fraud in the telephone votes in the “Ant & Diciembre” contest, which is broadcast in primetime on Brother Cell Phone List Saturdays. Despite the difficulties, the chain is promoting a restructuring plan that will have to return it to its previous levels of success and business, according to the opinions of its CEO, Michael Grade. Without a doubt, television networks around the world are at the crossroads of making strategic decisions that will condition their commercial future and their resistance to the emerging power of Internet advertising.

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