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Online Advertising Lives A New Record In The US

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Online Advertising Lives A New Record In The US

The massive growth of the sector (3.5 billion euros in Q3) indicates that the benefits of interactive advertising are increasingly understood,” says IAB. Online advertising has grown faster than ever in the United States, totaling $ 5.2 billion (€ 3.5 billion) in the last quarter. The sum of the Taiwan Mobile Database first nine months of 2007 resulted in a figure of 15.2 billion dollars (10.4 billion euros), which represents a growth of 26 percent compared to the same period last year. Taiwan Mobile Database

For the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), a company dedicated to fostering growth in interactive advertising and marketing investment, these figures represent a new record. Randall Rothenberg, CEO of the company, said that “the massive growth in the industry indicates that marketers increasingly understand and appreciate the benefits of interactive advertising.”

Behind these amounts, there is a battle for control of the sector that rages. In this regard, we can recall the purchase of Double Click, an online advertising specialist, by Google for 3.1 million dollars (2.1 million euros), which caused  Brother Cell Phone List a general uprising, especially on the part of Microsoft. Also, despite protests, Redmond managed to acquire specialist Internet advertising companies aQuantive for $ 6 million (4.1 million euros) and Screentonic. Finally, Yahoo, not to be left behind, offering no less than 300 million dollars for BlueLithium.

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