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Online Advertising Is Also Suffering In Germany

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Online Advertising Is Also Suffering In Germany

The socio-economic crisis seems to continue to be clouded by not leaving a puppet with a head and despite the fact that the online advertising sector consolidated itself as one of the strongest in the face of the instability of the large economic markets, it began to suffer consequences of weakness. development of OMD 2008(Online Marketing Düsseldorf), this negative trend has been confirmed, which in Germany is already more than evident. According to the German Kuwait Mobile Database Digital Economy Association, the advertising market has been reduced to rates much lower than those registered in 2007. The year in which online marketing and advertising experienced the highest growth in history. The growth of this market thus stands at 25%, as opposed to the predictions that in 2007 estimated this growth at 29%. Even so, German advertisers will continue to trust the online medium, allocating around 3,600 million euros for online advertising, which represents a market share of general advertising of 13.5%. Despite all this, the opinion of experts looking ahead remains positive and optimistic. Kuwait Mobile Database

The new digital media need to establish a structure where advertising is indispensable since it is also an important source of profits and income. Even so, online advertising has characteristics and advantages that many conventional media reject-with suspicion for the simple reason that they are aware of the trend and transformation of an increasingly digital and technological world. This undoubtedly is for many of these media an announced death or a warning of the danger of extinction. At this point, we still have to recognize that although there is a growth in the actions and strategies of online marketing and advertising, the quotas of markets and advertising Brother Cell Phone List investments on media such as television are considerably higher than those registered in the ” buzz marketing or guerrilla marketing giving clues to the evidence and a clear indication that the traditional alone is no longer a guarantee of success and proof of this is that the creators of television spots resort to the viral factor of their own creations because perhaps With this new ingredient, it is sometimes more likely to achieve greater effectiveness, impact, and level of recall of the campaign on consumers and users of the network than on those of us who are already used to changing channels. a product we should always take into account the consumer’s own interest. This is why advertising segmentation is so important for the advertising itself to reach reasonable rates of effectiveness.

The fact that many newspapers in the written press whisper a concealed SOS is, more than evident, logical. Televisions cannot avoid the continuous stream of advertisements and advertising spots that are now insufficient to meet their business expectations, thus resorting to the sale of advertising on any hidden space visible to the viewer. And what could we think for? Maybe this way of advertising is painted as an opportunity for the advertiser, although many if not the vast majority would define it as filler advertising that goes unnoticed by everyone. At least good online advertising or bad always maintain the possibility of interacting, offering, or advertising, Giving users the possibility to expand or access detailed information and even to acquire or buy any of the products or services advertised through our own commercial website. Evidently written press, Radio, or Television have been anchored in the past. The future is uncertain but for now, digital media and online advertising are the ones that will reign for at least the next 20 years.

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