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O People Feed the Hungry Spread Greetings

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O People Feed the Hungry Spread Greetings

Encouraging good deeds and preventing bad deeds is a community-based activity.

We should join hands with our Muslim brothers and non-Muslims, and lead them towards goodness and prevent them from evil.

This does not mean by simply preaching and telling them what is halal and haram,.

But it involves the act of mobilizing the community towards what is good (building community projects, schools, hospitals, preventing evil through campaigns against tyranny, torture and environmental destruction)

Narrated by Anas RA Prophet Muhammad SAW said

“Help your brother, whether he is oppressor or oppressed.

The friends asked, “How can we help him if he is the wrongdoer?

The Prophet replied, “By preventing him from oppressing others.

— Bukhari

And if we don’t play a role in today’s world, we risk allowing the Whatsapp Mobile Number List destruction of ourselves and society.

Narrated An-Nu’man bin Bashir that the Prophet SAW said:

The Comparison of Those Who Obey God’s Commands and Prohibitions. Compared to Those Who Violate Them is Likened. To Those Who Take a Seat in a Ship.

When Those Below Need Water, They Have to Go Up to Bring. Water (and Trouble Others) So They Say, “Let’s Make a Hole. In the Side of Our Ship (and Get Water) and We Don’t Have to Trouble Those Who Are Above” .

So if the People Sitting on Top Let These. People Do What They Have Suggested. The Ship Will Be Destroyed. But if They Prevent It, Both Will Be Safe.

Some of them get a place at the top and some of them at the bottom

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Although there are many great social projects in the Muslim BBB Org world, the element of social productivity is easily missing from Muslim society today.

Unfortunately, some feel they don’t have time or are not serious or they just want to focus on their career, family and their closest neighbors.

It’s about time we get out of our comfort zone and be socially productive!

This article is taken from the book The Productive Muslim written by Mohammed Faris.

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