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The Negative Effects of the Excessive

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The Negative Effects of the Excessive

Go through all the rooms as often as necessary, until your idea can really be implement. It is not a must, but it is nice if you actually have three rooms at your disposal. Brainstorming with this technique works best with a small group, like between 4-8 people.

 Tour through the park method

Multiple geniuses swear by a walk. So is Charles Darwin, the British naturalist and the mastermind behind the theory of evolution. He regularly walked considerable distances and called this his ‘thinking path’. This technique takes advantage of this.

Start the session by getting together and brainstorming a particular problem for half an hour to an hour. Write the ideas on a paper and share them with the team.

The so-called ‘Round through the park’. I recommend walking alone for at least 30 minutes. Then everyone gets together to discuss what they have come up with.


Walking stimulates creativity

Scientific research has shown that walking is a powerful creative VP R&D Email Lists exercise. Erik Scherder , professor of clinical neuropsychology at the Free University in Amsterdam (also of the Ommetje app ), is committed to spending at least 30 minutes of your day walking.

But how is it possible that walking stimulates our creativity? It all has to do with the functioning of our left hemisphere and our right hemisphere. By being in motion, you activate the right hemisphere of the brain and leave this half alone for making connections and creativity. The left hemisphere of the brain further completes your head with the contextual part and voilà: the perfect mix to arrive at new insights.

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Chief and VP of R&D Email Lists

“You get an idea, you get an idea, you get an idea!” Everyone knows this – slightly modified – famous statement by Oprah Winfrey. Teammates are sometimes embarrassed or hesitant to bring their creative ideas forward, but if someone else’s name is associated with the ideas, such as Oprah’s, they are more likely to share them.

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