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MyAds. MySpace’s Latest Initiative To Attract More Ad Revenue

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MyAds. MySpace’s Latest Initiative To Attract More Ad Revenue

MySpace’s latest initiative to attract more ad revenue contains some unusual ingredients, like Bacon Salt. The salt that claims it makes everything taste like bacon is one of the client models of MyAds, the self-made ad service of the online social network for small businesses. Myers goes out Iceland Mobile Database to a public test, or beta version, on Monday after 3,400 customers tested it over the past three months. The service is designed for advertisers who want to get their ads to MySpace’s 76 million users but have no budget for traditional campaigns. Iceland Mobile Database

If I have a small business, I can’t afford to hire an ad agency to do my ad. I can’t hire a graphic designer. I can’t hire a media agency to place the ad,” MySpace CEO Chris said. DeWolfe told Reuters in an interview. DeWolfe did not say how much revenue MySpace is seeking from that program, but said it will be a “significant contribution to overall revenue. The amount of money a small business spends on advertising is in the billions of dollars,” DeWolfe said, adding that there are 20 million potential advertisers who can take advantage of MyAds.

The results, though, can’t be taken too seriously, for a number of reasons. First, Ryan spent $3,119 on Facebook ads and only $225 on MySpace (he says MySpace ads are much harder to administer, so he spent less). But that difference Brother Cell Phone List alone makes the results unreliable. Second, Facebook has text ads, MySpace has display ads, so the results are not apples-to-apples. That gets me to the biggest reason the test isn’t scientific – both MySpace and Facebook knew about it. Ryan interviewed both extensively for the post. Since both knew this was coming, they both had incentives to help his ads get better performance.


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