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Marketing And Online Advertising. Obama’s Success

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Marketing And Online Advertising. Obama’s Success

The current campaign Advertising and Marketing of Barack Obama, Democratic candidate US elections have been very peculiar. Due to the lack of support from other traditional media, Obama has achieved the necessary repercussion and dissemination on the internet to generate greater notoriety. Obama is the undisputed leader in this digital medium where his opponent and former first lady Hillary Clinton does Peru Mobile Database not seem to find many followers. However, Obama’s success on the internet is resounding and is being supported by a multitude of websites, blogs, and active members of different social networks although it may seem an unbalanced result, in a certain way the success of the Democratic candidate may be found not only in his charisma and political message but in the heavy investments in advertising and online marketing actions that according to official data indicate that during the past month In February, this advertising investment amounted to more than one million dollars. Peru Mobile Database

Among the different online advertising investments that Obama has carried out during his campaign, highlight the actions on Adsense, Google’s advertising network for which an investment of one million dollars to which to add other Brother Cell Phone List expenses on websites such as Yahoo Web Ads with an investment of $ 99,341, Yahoo Search Ads (58,000) and Facebook (4,900). Another 93,162 dollars were destined to different agencies and online consultants in order to help and promote his candidacy on the internet. His opponent Hillary Clinton seems to be a little out of the game and disconnected from new technologies. His investment in Advertising and Online Marketing in the same period oscillated around $ 67,000. An abysmal difference if we compare it with the strong investment made by Barack Obama.

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