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LinkedIn Entrusts Antevenio With The Management Of Advertising

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LinkedIn Entrusts Antevenio With The Management Of Advertising

The professional network already has more than 300,000 members in Spain. As an advertising medium, LinkedIn stands out for its high segmentation capacity and for the profile of its members, most of whom are highly qualified professionals. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional knowledge network, has chosen Antevenio to market its advertising in Spain. Since it launched its Spanish version last July, LinkedIn has increased its number of users in Spain by 260%, which currently stands Bangladesh Mobile Database at more than 300,000. Antevenio is the leading advertising network in Spain. With 13.7 million unique users, it holds the exclusive commercial representation of more than 200 web media, among which are emblematic brands such as RTVE, Portalmix (the online division of the Endemol Group), Multicanal,, or the portal of Vandal video games. Bangladesh Mobile Database

As an advertising medium, LinkedIn stands out for its high segmentation capacity and for the profile of its members, the most qualified professionals with responsibilities in companies. According to the online audience measurement company Nielsen Ratings, 28.8% of Linkedin members have annual income above 72,000 euros and another 18.3% earn between 48,000 and 72,000 euros. “LinkedIn is the best support to carry out B2B advertising, there is nothing comparable Brother Cell Phone List to reach the target of senior executives and middle managers. It is a database in the permanent update, since it is the person himself who is in charge of renewing his profile, and allows the user to be impacted at a time of high degree of attention since either he is updating his data or he is reviewing profiles of other members, says Joshua Novick, CEO of Antevenio. According to Nielsen Ratings, users stay connected to LinkedIn for an average of 12 minutes, the same time they spend on Expansió

“LinkedIn concentrates the most prosperous, influential and most difficult to find an audience through the main business websites and we have chosen Grupo Antevenio to help us market our support in Spain due to its extensive experience in segmentation and in the marketing of profiles, Says Kevin Eyres, CEO for Europe at LinkedIn. Founded in 2003, LinkedIn has established itself in just six years as the strongest and most effective network for professionals in the world. Currently, more than 36 million professionals are part of LinkedIn in more than 170 sectors, many of them belonging to the majority of the FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. The Spanish companies with the most professionals registered on LinkedIn include big names such as IBM, Indra, Hewlett-Packard Spain, Telefónica, and Banco Santander. Likewise, the most important Spanish business schools have a wide representation of students on the Internet.

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