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Jerome Massebeuf, Managing Director Platform-A Spain

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Jerome Massebeuf, Managing Director Platform-A Spain

After the recent announcement of the launch of Platform-A in Spain, we have the testimony of Jérôme Massebeuf, Managing Director Platform-A and responsible for the business development strategy of the Spanish market, to deepen and learn about the most important aspects of this new solutions platform for advertising and online marketing. Jerome Massebeuf, who graduated in Business Administration and specialized in Marketing and Advertising Management, has extensive experience in Austria Mobile Database in the Internet advertising sector. Prior to joining, he worked in the Bertelsmann Media Group at Lycos Spain (Portal) and RTL Group (Radio) and previously held the position of Sales Manager in Paris at Numeri and   Commlink (Web Agency, Brand Advertising, and Email marketing). Austria Mobile Database

Massebeuf, reveals the most important keys and details of Platform-A that will be officially presented at OME 2009. What are the new value that Platform-A brings to the market and the current situation of online marketing? Planform-A is the commercial entity common to all the advertising activities of the AOL group. It groups together the optimized Network that has more than 250 brand supports (and that reaches more than 18 million Internet users) and AOL. Our goal is to propose the most complete technologies to the market, through a single meeting point represented by Platform-A. In 2007, we acquired the European Ad serving company ADTECH, the network specialized in mobile marketing Third Screen Media, the leading technology in the US from Behavioral Marketing TACODA, and contextual advertising QUIGO. In February 2008, we have additionally bought the leading British affiliate network Buy.

All these technologies will be made available to our Spanish customers and suppliers to propose all these online advertising skills from a single meeting point. Our competitors are very few to be able to offer such a complete range of services. Tacoda’s powerful technology allows advertisements to be broadcast to a population of Internet users (anonymous) based on their behavior and previously identified centers of interest. Behavioral segmentation allows Brother Cell Phone List to communicate in a fully segmented way based on what the Internet user is specifically interested in. It allows the user to improve their experience when browsing the web and the advertiser to capture the consumer’s attention with a relevant and personalized message that facilitates memorization in order to create an optimal and loyal relationship between the brand and the user.

The great novelty for the online advertising market with the arrival of TACODA in Spain is that a smaller network will only be able to re-impact a certain number of users during a campaign. And with a larger network, such as Platform-A, which sees 8 out of 10 Internet users per month, it guarantees the maximum potential reach for the advertiser. Having the largest Reach in the Spanish market (78% of the online population – Nielsen January 09), we are able to find the desired profile through all the possible segmentations offered by the internet today.

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