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Jaume Clotet, Among The Best International Web Analysts

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Jaume Clotet, Among The Best International Web Analysts

The Web Analytics Association, the international reference association in web analytics, has published the list of the 5 best web analysts. Jaume Clotet, a specialist in online marketing and web analytics, occupies the third position of this prestigious ranking. To draw up this list, the international association of web analytics has organized a contest to which Lithuania Mobile Database the most important experts and international companies in the sector have submitted. The jury of the association, made up of personalities such as Avinash Kaushik, Google’s main web analytics advisor, has selected the best web analytics works presented. The South African company Click Thinkinghas won first prize for the most creative web analytics work. Lithuania Mobile Database

The second position in the contest has been for the Brazilian company Predicta, and the third place is occupied by Jaume Clotet. Fourth and fifth places are held, respectively, by User Intelligence, a company of Dutch origin, and TargetBase, a company based in the United States. Jaume Clotet, the founder of the company specialized in marketing technologies Alt64, is a specialist in online marketing and web analytics. He is currently CEO of Netsuus, an online market analysis company, and directs Alt64’s Web Analytics training program. The Web Analytics Association is the international reference association in web analysis, development and dissemination of this technique.

Present on 5 continents and with more than 2000 associates, it represents the sector worldwide. About Alt64 The Alt64 Mission, a company specialized in marketing technologies, is to cooperate with companies to improve their initiatives on the Internet, maximizing the profitability of the Brother Cell Phone List investment made in their online businesses. Alt64 Services are designed to support companies in their daily decision-making by providing them with the information, tools, and knowledge necessary to achieve their business objectives on the Internet. “What cannot be measured cannot be managed.” Iván del Muro and Jaume Clotet, founding partners of Alt64 and pioneers in digital business management, bring more than 15 years of experience participating, creating, learning, and teaching around innovation on the Internet.

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