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Investment In Online Advertising Will Double In 5 Years

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Investment In Online Advertising Will Double In 5 Years

European investment in online marketing will increase by doubling in the next five years, from 7,500 million euros in 2006 to more than 16,000 euros in 2012. In the next five years, online marketing will account for 18% of total media investment budgets. These forecasts are based onĀ  Switzerland Mobile Database surveys conducted by Forrester with more than 25,000 companies from different European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Spain, as well as the 24 largest European marketing companies. Switzerland Mobile Database

The reason for this displacement of investment is simple: the audience and attention of the target audience of the campaigns are moving to the online world. According to Forrester, for example, 36% of Europeans who use online services claim to watch less television precisely because they spend more time on the Internet. At the same time, the study Brother Cell Phone List reveals the growing distrust of consumers in advertising messages. In this sense, 67% of online consumers think that advertisers do not tell the truth in their advertisements.

On the other hand, most online consumers are not bothered by the ads that the online channel supports. 34% answered that they were not bothered by advertising if it was related to their interests, while 40% said they appreciate sites that offer truthful price comparisons, and 36% grant viability to product evaluations provided online by other users.

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