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Internet Is Consolidated And Investment In Marketing

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Internet Is Consolidated And Investment In Marketing

The predictions come true again and, as expected, the Internet is once again showing signs of its strength, continuing with the growth of its advertising investment. It is true that the economic crisis has left great consequences in the vast majority of mainstream media, but only the Internet has Bulgaria Mobile Database weighed its effects while maintaining a positive growth trend. Although globally the advertising investment decreased by 7.5 percent, the Internet medium has experienced year-on-year growth of 26.5%, reaching a volume of advertising investment of 610.0 million euros compared to 482.4 million in 2007. The percentage that the Internet represents on the total investment in 2008 in Conventional Media is 8.6%. Bulgaria Mobile Database

The prospects for the future do not augur good times for the traditional advertising sector, which is witnessing how the Internet medium acquires more relevance and importance for companies every day. However, limiting your advertising budgets will increase your marketing and online advertising actions. Resorting to technology and the Internet medium Brother Cell Phone List will become something common and almost mandatory, increasing the presence and generation of content related to the services and/or products marketed so that the users themselves or potential customers can have all the necessary information in each case.

Recently Geoff Ramsey, CEO, and co-founder of e-Marketer published his predictions anticipating the situation that the Advertising and Digital Marketing market would face in 2009 and highlighting the downward trend in advertising investment during the next months. Of course, the Internet will continue with its fifth gear not only consolidating its current position but also growing and generating great prospects for the future.


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