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Innovation, Credibility And Well-Defined Objectives Are The Keys

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Innovation, Credibility And Well-Defined Objectives Are The Keys

According to the report released by the EIAA (European Interactive Advertising Association) today, despite the economic crisis, the Internet will continue to be the preferred medium for advertisers when they want to maximize their advertising investments. 70% of advertisers estimate that they will increase their investments in online advertising during 2009 and, with the constant growth of the digital sector (more than 21% in 2010 and, more than 15% in 2011), it seems that these initiatives can become in an upward trend in the near future. In Spain, 53% of advertisers foresee an increase in their investments in online advertising during 2009. The EIAA Internet Ad Barometer (EIAA Marketers’ Internet Ad Barometer) was commissioned by the European association to Algeria Mobile Database provides more up-to-date knowledge of the changes advertisers are making to their media strategies for their 2009 campaigns. The study investigates the commercial and economic problems that affect companies, examining the evolution of the use of interactive media by advertisers, to focus on more specific market segments. The results indicate that online advertising is playing an increasingly important role in marketing strategies, with 47% of advertisers considering the online environment as an essential factor in the marketing mix (compared to 38% in 2008 and 17% in 2006). Algeria Mobile Database

Thanks to the multiple possibilities of online advertising, those responsible for advertising are reorganizing their budgets and dedicating greater amounts to digital media compared to conventional ones. The study indicates that budgets do not grow but that less is invested in other media to do so in interactive media (37% * of advertisers estimate that the increase in online advertising investments comes from TV, 32% * think that comes from newspapers, and 46% * think that from magazines). This increase in interactive media demonstrates not only the credibility of the medium but also the increase in the value and time spent by consumers connected to an online medium (weekly Internet use has grown by more than 28% in 2008, compared to 2004).

It is interesting to note that direct marketing and radio budgets are the ones that have suffered the greatest reductions in income, thus favoring online investments, with only 24% * and 12% * losses, (compared to 2008 – 32% and 20% respectively). This points to a possible interest in means that offer greater efficiency, companies want to maximize ROI, reach of campaigns, and cost savings. Also, 72% of advertisers mention Brother Cell Phone List that online media better reach different demographic groups. More than half target groups of individuals between 25 and 44 years of age (28% 25-34, 29% 35-44), indicating that advertisers focus their efforts on targeting specific groups that, on the other hand, are the age segments that use the Internet most frequently (an average of 13.9 hours on the Internet each week for those 25-34 years old and 11 hours for those 35-44 years old). The study not only focuses on the youngest but also widens the age segments to offer an even greater vision. Popup Formats

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