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Inevitably The Internet Will Mark The Future Of Online Marketing

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Inevitably The Internet Will Mark The Future Of Online Marketing

Bets for the future in relation to advertising in the different media continue to point without a doubt that the online and internet sector will continue to grow to position itself as one of the most important media for advertising marketing. Actually at this point affirming this may already seem like a topic that has been talked about a lot but even so, there are those who France Mobile Database take the opportunity to remind us. In recent years we have witnessed the evolution of the internet medium and how online advertising has become the best strategic resource for companies. The continuing trend and future of marketing tips the balance towards the internet medium.France Mobile Database

In this way, Ricardo Baeza, Vice President of Yahoo affirmed during a graduation conference of the Institute of Continuing Education of Pompeu Fabra University, that the Internet medium already sells more advertising than other media such as radio and that in the next four years the figures of the online advertising business they could even surpass those of television and newspapers. In countries such as the United Kingdom, online advertising investment has grown to the point of equaling and even “surpassing” television, thus positioning itself as the first medium in the volume of advertising investment.

In this regard, Baeza highlighted some of the characteristics and advantages of online advertising, also stating that it is precisely in this type of advertising that a better relationship between ” Coinciding with Ricardo Baeza, there are many Brother Cell Phone List professionals and experts in the advertising sector and the world of marketing who bet on the internet. Patti Williams, professor of Marketing at the University of Pennsylvania mentioned that “Of all the advertising platforms, the Internet is one of the few media in an upward trend, although if you take into account the relationship between the time that most consumers happen connected to the network and the number of dollars that are invested to reach them, we could deduce that Internet advertising has not yet managed to occupy the relevant position that we all expected, although something is changing.


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