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IAB Spain Presents The New Standards For Interactive

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IAB Spain Presents The New Standards For Interactive

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, the Association that represents the interactive advertising sector in Spain, today presented its new document on Interactive Advertising Format Standards. This document, which is the basic guide to the definitions, measurements, and weights of interactive formats, consists of three different sections that cover the Albania Mobile Database entire reality of the digital marketing sector: Integrated / expandable formats, Video formats, and Mobile advertising formats The new Standards for interactive advertising formats carried out according to the criteria of countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom, are the product of the Association’s Formats Working Group, currently led by Yago Castillo, director of Internet Sales at Vocento. Albania Mobile Database

This Group, made up of a representation of all the companies involved in some way in the daily reality of interactive advertising (media, portals, technology companies, mobile marketing companies, search engines, and agencies), takes on a permanent nature and is It will meet several times a year in order to analyze market developments with a view to updating the contents of the Format Standards. Standardization Brother Cell Phone List has been one of the main tasks of IAB Spain since its inception, and this factor becomes more important as the Association represents the vast majority of companies in the interactive advertising sector, with a number of members close to 130.

In the words of Antonio Traugott, General Director of the IAB Spain, this new format document, much more powerful, covers all interactive advertising activity on different media; but the most important thing is that these are living standards, which will be updated in the function of the meetings of an IAB Working Group that will act as the ‘regulatory council’ of interactive advertising formats.

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