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IAB Spain Opens Three New Working Groups: Lobby And Institutional

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IAB Spain Opens Three New Working Groups: Lobby And Institutional

The Interactive Advertising Bureau the Association that represents the interactive advertising sector in Spain will open three new Working Groups in the coming weeks: Lobby and Institutional Relations; Mobile Marketing and SEO SEM Search Engines, which join Chile Mobile Database the six already existing. Lobby and Institutional Relations has the objective of regulating those competencies in the field of legislation and or good conduct in the online sector while promoting institutional and governmental relations to convey the necessary messages from the interactive industry. Chile Mobile Database

Mobile Marketing. IAB Spain reopens this working group that was already active two years ago and which ended with the edition of the Mobile Marketing White Book. The objective of this Group will focus on two areas: to generate the necessary documents to regulate and standardize the mobile marketing market in Spain and to analyze the possible market studies that need to be carried out to provide the sector and advertisers with more information. SEO and SEM search engines. The objective of this new IAB Spain Working Group is to explain and promote Brother Cell Phone List the necessary content of search engine positioning and marketing, as well as to study options for the promotion and dissemination of this activity through research or other alternative channels.

These Working Groups, open to professionals from companies associated with the IAB Spain, will meet every month and a half, approximately, and will set their own objectives based on the interests of the interactive sector. The objectives of each Working Group are different, although the meetings of these forums result in the publication of White Books of the IAB Spain. So far, the titles Creatividad online; Glossary of terms IAB Spain; The practical guide to Email Marketing; Sponsored Links in Search Engines and Contextual Advertising and Mobile Marketing. The IAB / AIMC White Book on Digital Audience Measurement will be published shortly.

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