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GUANO Is Born, A New Spanish Online Advertising Network

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GUANO Is Born, A New Spanish Online Advertising Network

Coggan today launched the new open online advertising network focused on the Spanish market, after having obtained a significant amount of capital from a consortium of investors managed by Brains-To-Ventures, one of the leading private investment networks in Switzerland. , and by a group of Spanish “Business Angels” led by Luis Martín Cabiedes, Axel Serena, and Carlos Blanco. Cogan connects the online community Kazakhstan Mobile Database of advertisers and media. Cogan’s vision is to improve the transparency, quality, and control of advertising on the Internet for clients, incorporating functionalities that allow website owners to know at all times the exact amount that advertisers pay and the associated commissions. Cogan’s ad exchange has The objective is to put in contact as many advertisers and supports as possible. Kazakhstan Mobile Database

It offers advertisers the possibility of reaching a greater number of websites as well as obtaining a greater margin of action to manage their campaigns and analyze which campaigns or networks are the most appropriate and thus increase their advertising strength. Advertisers also benefit from the high quality of traffic obtained through the segmentation of the advertising market into high-interest categories. Coggan will use the initial capital to establish the first office in Madrid, develop innovative products and hire a technical and commercial team. The management team comes from one of the best European universities and brings international experience to accelerate the growth of the company after having completed a large number of website projects at the European level. Luis Martín Cabiedes, director of Coguan, a private investor in companies from the dot-com era in Spain, is perhaps best known because he is mainly dedicated to investment management, both in organized markets and in technological and content Start-ups such as n vivo, private and Trovit, acting in these as Business Angel. Luis teaches entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance classes in the MBA, EMBA, and PDG programs at IESE, where he is also part of its network of investors. He was Co-Chairman of Grupo Europa Press from 1989 to 2001, a company of which he continues to be a shareholder and Director.

Luis will advise COGAN with his knowledge at a strategic level and will provide access to his personal network of contacts. Carlos Blanco Vazquez, investor, and co-founder of Coggan are one of the pioneering serial entrepreneurs in the Internet sector in Spain since he founded Sports Internet Factory in 1996, as well as the net Group where he continues to serve as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Grupo net is a group of companies such as OcioMedia or Active Mobile that has also invested Brother Cell Phone List in Digital Assets Deployment (DAD), Synerquia, Iris Experience, Vertical Social Networks, Exelweiss Entertainment, OJO Internet, and Design Solutions. Carlos is also a co-founder of First Tuesday Spain since 1999, and he organizes monthly networking events between entrepreneurs and investors in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, and Valencia. Coggan benefits from Carlos’ experience and his huge network of websites with 6, Axel Serena Lobo, investor and co-founder of Coguan, brings more than 19 years of business experience in the Telecommunications, Internet, Media, and Entertainment sector as a serial entrepreneur and investor in 12 Internet companies.

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