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Google Disembarks In The World Of Advertising In Video Games

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Google Disembarks In The World Of Advertising In Video Games

Google launches the beta version of “Adsense in Games”, a technology to insert ads in online games. Just as Adsense places ads related to the content of the page, this version will allow inserting ads in different types of games Ivory-Coast Mobile Database that players will see when completing levels, or when starting to play. Actually, it is a new expansion of the Google Adsense program used for the integration of relevant ads in the content of the websites that will allow advertisers to use video games as “New Media” to reach customers with their own ads. Google’s commitment to the gaming sector was a planned goal and long-anticipated that it could serve to offset the decline in online advertising due to the economic downturn. Ivory-Coast Mobile Database

Looking for the best way to monetize your mobile game? Monetizing with in-app advertising allows your users to play for free while you earn revenue. Read on to learn more about why developers choose to monetize with ads and discover best practices for implementing ads in your mobile game. Historically, developers have used a wide variety of game monetization strategies, including subscription and in-app purchase (IAP) models. IAP allows users to pay for features to upgrade their game performance. However, in most cases, only a small percentage of mobile app users spend on apps during a given month. As a result, many developers are turning to mobile advertising as a way to unlock new revenue streams.

Because not all users are willing or able to pay for mobile games or in-app purchase items, advertising has become the most popular way of monetizing apps. Mobile app advertising is a win for everyone: developers, users, and advertisers. Developers can earn the revenue they need to Brother Cell Phone List keep producing content they’re passionate about. Users get to continue playing the games they love for free, which increases engagement and retention. And advertisers have the opportunity to acquire new users with targeted and relevant ads. Mobile game advertising can be combined with other monetization models In addition to providing a free user experience, in-app advertising is a highly flexible model that goes hand-in-hand with other revenue streams, such as IAP.

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