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Google And Yahoo Propose New Concessions

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Google And Yahoo Propose New Concessions

Google and Yahoo reportedly presented a series of concessions that would deflate their proposal for an Internet advertising company with the aim of reassuring US regulators and thus avoid blocking their advertising agreement. Over the weekend, both companies delivered review documents Ghana Mobile Database to the US Department of Justice, according to information published last Monday in the Wall Street Journal digital publication indicating that both Google and Yahoo are willing to limit the number of revenue generated under your advertising agreement, also cutting the duration of the agreement. Ghana Mobile Database

In this regard, Google’s customers and advertisers would have the option to choose whether or not their ads appear within the Yahoo network of sites. On this new plan, the Yahoo company would be limited to receiving a figure not exceeding 35% of its income from Google search tools and the company (agreement between both companies) would expire after two years and not 10 as provided in the original contract signed last June where no restriction was also contemplated. Yahoo has calculated that Google’s system would allow it to increase its revenue by $ 800 million annually, but the restrictions contemplated would cut that figure in half.

Putting a 25% cap on revenue from Google’s system would prevent Yahoo from earning another $ 400 million per year based on search engine ad sales for the past four quarters. Representatives for both companies declined to comment on the Wall Street Journal reports but nonetheless confirmed that both Google and Yahoo remain in negotiations with the Justice Brother Cell Phone List department in the hope of obtaining approval to join forces in advertising. Antitrust regulators had carefully reviewed the support Yahoo was seeking because the two companies combined would control more than 80% of the market for Internet search advertising in the United States. Microsoft Corp. and the National Association of Advertisers, among others, argued that the deal could allow Google to gradually increase prices for advertising and exert greater control over the flow of e-commerce.

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