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Fraudulent Clicks. Enemies Of Online Marketing

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Fraudulent Clicks. Enemies Of Online Marketing

Advertising and Online Marketing seem to observe how the growth of fraudulent clicks become one of their greatest enemies. In February 2006 Click Forensics was born at the hands of Optimal iQ, a company specialized in the analysis of web traffic, after detecting irregularities in the clicks of  Saudi-Arabia Mobile Database different online marketing campaigns launched by the pharmaceutical company Merck. The Optimal IQ team developed a new tool to detect and identify traffic from PPC campaigns, a tool that Click Forensics used to launch Click Fraud Network. In its latest Click forensics report can be seen that fraudulent clicks increased steadily during the last quarter of 2007. Saudi-Arabia Mobile Database

The growth is also expected to continue during the course of this same year 2008. Regarding this growth, both the FBI and USA Today have reported that clicks Fraudulent about PPC campaigns are due to the fact that fraudsters make use of more sophisticated tools and systems every day. This study shows us a map at the world level where the levels of fraud in different regions and countries around the world can be appreciated, highlighting areas South America like Argentina and Chile or European countries like Spain, France, or Germany that are among the hottest spots on this map. China is also one of the countries with the highest percentage of fraudulent clicks.

In 2005, Google’s own company decided to change the policies of its AdSense online advertising system after detecting that 20% of click-through payments were false, intentional, or registered some type of fraud. Many affiliates to this Brother Cell Phone List service paid a fee. The high price is excluded from the Adsense program and losing the possibility of generating profits with this online advertising system at the same time that this type of fraud caused losses to the advertisers themselves who saw their campaigns lose effectiveness.

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