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Expats and Death – Are You Prepared?

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Expats and Death – Are You Prepared?

There are two different scenarios that can occur. As an expat you need to consider the family that you have left behind in your Home Country as well as your immediate family in your Cameroon Email List Host Country and whether you know what their death requirements are.

Firstly, as an expat you can never predict when your next journey home will be, especially when you have a loved one at death’s door. Although you cannot know when to be at your parent or loved-one’s deathbed, what you can prepare for is the inevitability of death and being organized for any situation. In many circumstances the partner left behind is overwhelmed with grief and cannot cope, if plans have been made before hand it helps to determine and follow through with their death wishes. A course of action has been outlined for both scenarios – the death of a loved one back at home and in your host country.Cameroon Email list

1. When the person has passed on, a doctor or emergency service should be contacted immediately.

2. A letter pronouncing the death should be completed by one of the above.

3. The coroner or funeral home/parlour should be contacted to collect the body.

4. Arrangements can then be made with the funeral parlour with regards completing official forms.

5. The funeral parlour should be able to complete and hand in any official forms on your behalf e.g. Lodging the Death Certificate with the relevant State/Government Department, as well as the certification of Identity Documents and Death Certificates.

6. Certified Copies of the Identity documents, BBBORG Passports and Death Certificate should be kept in a safe place. These may be required to close personal accounts.

7. In the case of a parent passing on the below form should be filled in for a course of action to be followed by surviving family members. This document should be distributed to relevant individuals and kept in a safe place. Delete all areas that are irrelevant for your family member.

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