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Dada Launches Simply, A New Online Advertising Platform

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Dada Launches Simply, A New Online Advertising Platform

Dada launches Simply, a new competitive, innovative, easy online advertising platform within everyone’s reach Dada SpA today launched Simply in Spain, a new online advertising platform that offers significant advantages to both advertisers and content publishers on the Internet thanks to its advanced technology for optimizing results. Simply is a meeting point where advertisers and owners of digital spaces, such as websites or blogs, interact with Armenia Mobile Database dynamically and transparently in a high-performance advertising marketplace that is permanently available online around the world. Simply is a simple, efficient instrument available to all those who want to make their products or services known to the thousands of potential customers who browse the Internet through specifically targeted online advertising campaigns. Armenia Mobile Database

“With Simply we are sharing with our customers all our experience in online advertising. According to a recent study by Nielsen, Dada and RCS have around 62 million unique visitors per month and represent one of the largest virtual networks in the world,” he says. Paolo Barberis, President, and Founder of Dada. Even advertisers with low budgets can, with just a few clicks, activate a CPM, CPC, or CPA campaign, select its duration and customize the format of the campaign. They can also define the target to which they are directed, establish the Brother Cell Phone List distribution objectives of the campaign and control its efficiency, once it is active, through a simple reporting system. Simply’s behavioral and contextual targeting tools, available at prices comparable to other networks, offer advertisers the maximum return on their ad impressions.

Our experience in the domain sector and our daily contact with thousands of individuals and companies looking for an online presence, have shown us that the mere fact of being on the Internet does not necessarily imply that you will be found, adds Paolo Barberis. “One of our short-term objectives is that part of our clients (more than 430,000 throughout Europe) are easily located”. In the same way, allows website or blog owners to earn money by publishing banners related to the content of their page -both displays and text ads-, obtaining the maximum return on the number of impressions (views ). Each impression is paid and analyzed according to the content of the page (contextual targeting) and the actions carried out by the user (behavioral targeting).

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