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Coguan Revolutionizes The Online Advertising Market In Spain

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Coguan Revolutionizes The Online Advertising Market In Spain

Coggan, the new open online advertising network focused on the Spanish market, today launched the first version of its new product Coguan AdShare to create a fully transparent ad exchange, characterized by being a free market for the exchange of advertising among the advertiser community. and supports with content without charging a commission. Coggan AdShare is a platform that connects the online community Germany Mobile Database of the advertising market with the vision of improving the transparency, quality, and control of Internet advertising for clients. The initial alpha phase is designed to develop the product until it is offered on a massive scale. On the customer side, Coguan AdShare is already used in the alpha phase by companies such as Europa Press,, OcioMedia, Click Telecom, etc. The second beta phase will be offered to the online community in the coming months. Germany Mobile Database

Coggan uses the innovative freemium business model (from English free and premium) applied for the first time to the online advertising network market in Spain. Coggan questions one of the main sources of income for other advertising networks in this sector since it does not charge a commission for connecting advertisers and media through Coguan AdShare. In the future, premium-type value-added products will be included for Coguan customers. In addition to the commission-free service, advertisers enjoy other benefits such as Transparency regarding frequency, positioning, and cost of your advertising Quality of aggregate traffic through the segmentation of the advertising market into high-interest categories, with the possibility of finding alternative sources of traffic to increase sales and reduce risks

Total control with essential statistics for the efficient management of advertising campaigns and the knowledge of being able to appear on a greater number of websites Along with the free service, supports benefit from Transparency, knowing the exact amount advertisers pay Quality of the information presented about your website traffic to attract Brother Cell Phone List advertisers Full control with an automated system to manage and avoid unwanted ads Carlos Bravo Sánchez, CEO of Coggan, said: “the online advertising market is affected by the lack of visibility in transactions, of effectiveness in campaigns and of control over materials and spaces used. We want to position Coguan AdShare as an alternative source of advertising and as a tool that facilitates the direct sale of advertising to advertisers. We hope that the launch of Coguan AdShare will improve the current market situation and provide added value for our clients ”.


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