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Coguan AdShare Wants To Mark The Future Of Ad Exchange

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Coguan AdShare Wants To Mark The Future Of Ad Exchange

Cogan, the first Hispanic Ad Exchange with Freemium model, released today the first part focused on Supports of its Coguan AdShareTM beta product with the purpose of continuing to revolutionize the online advertising market. The new version of the Hispanic Ad Exchange offers unprecedented advantages to support the online advertising market Bahrain Mobile Database through a Freemium model with no commission for direct sales. Its objective is to set up a transparent and quality online advertising market. Corinna Hoppe, Coguan Chief Operations Officer and in charge of managing the Coguan AdShare Beta project, highlighted this platform “its simplicity, ease of use and the state-of-the-art tools it incorporates. All media want to sell advertising space and all advertisers are looking for places to place ads. Our medium-term goal is for support to generate 30% additional revenue with Coguan AdShare beta.  Bahrain Mobile Database

Specifically, media and webmasters can register without registration or maintenance costs and enjoy a whole range of advantages and benefits when using Coguan AdShare betas, such as Service and Technology: fast response service, technological innovation, automated billing, and flexibility with the possibility of using the Coguan ad server if desired. Freemium model: participation in this network does not imply any risk, since Coguan does not charge a commission for direct sales transactions that occur through this platform. Only a commission Brother Cell Phone List is paid for Premium services. Transparency, quality, and control: it allows to know the exact amount that advertisers pay and their conditions through an automated quality management system, which allows optimizing the performance of advertising spaces.

Coggan opens the door not only to media but also to new advertisers in the Internet advertising sector and will offer SMEs, especially an easy-to-use tool to promote the use of online media. In a second step, Coguan will offer the beta version of its platform with specific benefits for advertisers and agencies soon.

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