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Click-Based Online Advertising Forgetting The Value Of Branding?

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Click-Based Online Advertising Forgetting The Value Of Branding?

The Internet is living a time in which everything related to online advertising is undergoing an evolution and a process of changes, maturations and above all generating a “debate” in which the factors, benefits, or negative aspects are highlighted of some of the current advertising models. The CPC, an acronym for (cost per click), has so far been the Greece Mobile Database most widespread advertising model used by companies and advertisers to advertise over the internet, although for many media and media this model is no longer considered a profitable and attractive alternative in favor of other models such as CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or direct sponsorship. Greece Mobile Database

Unlike what happens in the world of traditional advertising, on the internet and especially in ” graphic campaigns based on CPC “, it seems that the value of Branding has taken a back seat and, what’s more, somehow It is underestimated, underestimated, and forgets that the presence, visibility, and notoriety of a brand are extremely important factors and that they necessarily have to be adjusted in the costs of some online advertising models. Alejandro Suarez Sanchez-Ocala, Entrepreneur of the TIME sector, CEO of Grupo Publispain and of the Network of Blogs of Ocio Networks SL launched a reflection on the real value of the click and how graphic advertising based on this advertising model can come to be considered abuse for the media and supports that use online advertising to deliberately develop branding campaigns that we all know will not be clicked.

Recently at the last Initiator event in Barcelona, Jaime Ferré delved into the most important aspects of Online Advertising and the strategic importance of branding within these advertising actions. Carlos Blanco, renowned businessman in the technology sector, after attending the SedoPro Partner Forum 2008 recently held in the city of Nice (Monte Carlo) highlighted and highlighted the comments about it from Brother Cell Phone List Michael Jäschke, Partner Manager Syndication at Google, through which he recognized that the current economic crisis is directly affecting pay per click. It is simply logical that this happens because currently and according to some sectors, advertisers pay for CPC campaigns at a fairly high cost. However, the media and media receive a tiny and ridiculous part as profit margin. Javier Martín from Logic points out that the most profitable thing really is to get direct advertisers, either through sponsorships or CPM campaigns. Negotiating directly with the advertiser is a privilege that we have to pursue because it is much more profitable than working with intermediaries.”

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