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Article Writing – 4 Tips on Composing Article Titles of the Precise Length

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Article Writing – 4 Tips on Composing Article Titles of the Precise Length

Most people spend 95% of the time writing the title and only 5% on the title. But if you want to make a difference with your titles, you need to spend about 25% of the time on titles. I will give you 4 tips on composing article titles of the right length, targeted for the right keywords and using the right language.

1. Length of the title: You might be surprised to know that a longer title gets more hits than a shorter title. However this does not mean that you have to write a Qatar Email List paragraph for the title. It only means that the title must be longer than you would be comfortable with. This is because, shorter titles tend to be more generic and people do not want generic solutions to their problems. There are many people who give generic information but if you are an expert then you need to give highly targeted solutions to specific problems. This is what interests your readers. So when you compose a title for your article, make sure you address that narrow niche.Qatar Email List

2. Long tail keywords: You can use long tail keywords to compose article titles i.e. include them in the title to narrow the scope of your article as well as to get more hits for the title. Long tail keywords are extensions of a root keyword which are also popularly searched for along with the main keyword. Using long tail keywords have proved to be useful in increasing the views for your articles and more qualified visitors to your site.

3. To the point: Your article title must be very clear in articulating the promise you are making. If you are giving 10 tips about something, then clearly write that in the title. There is no need to beat around the bush and say that it is important to read the article or any other thing to create a sense of urgency. If someone wants your kind of tips urgently, they will surely read your article.

4. No slang: It is alright to use slang while speaking with people in your city or country; but it is not a good idea to use slang while writing articles. This is because your articles are going to be read by people in other countries who might not understand the exact meaning of the words you have chosen. It is also possible that they misunderstand which might be a problem for you.

If you follow the above tips, you will be able to compose titles that are more successful in attracting your target audience.

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