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AOL Launches Platform-A In Spain. An Integrated Online Marketing

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AOL Launches Platform-A In Spain. An Integrated Online Marketing

Platform-A will offer for the first time in Spain all the existing online marketing solutions together with the most complete technologies on the market AOL today announced the launch of Platform-A in Spain, thus constituting the largest online advertising network with the most complete technologies on the market. With this launch, it is possible to create for the first time a single meeting point for the management of all digital Australia Mobile Database activities: display, video, behavioral targeting, search, emailing, mobile, adserving. Platform-A Spain will align all the existing advertising activities of the AOL group from today. The Ad Network with its well-known behavioral marketing technology, and its search, display, video, and e-mail products. Platform-A will also offer access to the AOL Network including the portal, the Spinner music portal,, and the advanced Winamp multimedia player. Australia Mobile Database

This combination places the Platform-A Network as the No. 1 in Spain, reaching more than 18 million Internet users per month, 78% of the Spanish online population * – while Platform-A reaches 174 million people in Europe every month. Today’s launch allows advertisers and agencies to take advantage of the strong Spanish presence established by AOL, a portal that already reaches more than 2.2 million users every month, says Jérôme Massebeuf, Managing Director, Platform-A Spain. With the great coverage of our Network, eight Internet users out of ten, Platform-A Spain offers a profitable way for marketers to reach their target audience wherever they are when browsing the network, always controlling their costs and ROI in real-time, which is crucial in today’s economic environment. ”

Platform-A, AOL’s business entity, reaches more than 174 million unique users in Europe and is one of the largest platforms in the digital industry. Platform-A offers comprehensive online marketing solutions combined with Brother Cell Phone List the most advanced optimization technologies. Platform-A includes the portal, Engadget, MapQuest, etc, and the Advertising Network of It also includes the innovative technologies of behavioral targeting from TACODA, content-targeting from Quigo, adserving from ADTECH, mobile marketing from Third Screen Media, and affiliate marketing from Buy. Platform-A has a presence in the US, Canada, in nine European countries including Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, England, and Japan through a joint venture with Mitsui.

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