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AdPerf, The Weborama Adserving Solution Certified By Google

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AdPerf, The Weborama Adserving Solution Certified By Google

AdPerf, Georama’s ad serving solution for advertisers and agencies, is the first European solution certified by Google to allow campaigns to be served on Google’s content network and on YouTube throughout Europe. The Google Content Network is made up of hundreds of thousands of high-quality websites, they are web pages and blogs that have Guatemala Mobile Database agreed with Google to deliver targeted AdWords ads. In May, Google opened its American network to third-party ad servers and now they are transferring this capacity to Europe. Weborama has successfully passed the technology certification process, by which AdPerf is authorized to disseminate campaigns throughout the Google media network at a European level. Guatemala Mobile Database

Weborama customers now have the ability to spread, track and optimize their campaigns on YouTube and the Google content network through the AdPerf solution, and include it with other e-marketing actions. This certification represents a very important step forward for AdPerf clients, says Abelardo Ibañez, General Manager of Weborama in Spain. “It was critical for us to be the first technology providers to offer this capability to our customers, as they have been waiting for it for a long time; We are working very hard to provide our clients with the best possible solution to manage and optimize their online investment. The possibility of being able to use Adperf in the Google network will be a crucial point for our clients. »

Our AdPerf solution for advertisers and agencies was launched on the market in 2006, since then we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading solutions in the Brother Cell Phone List European market, with agencies such as Zed Digital, OMD, Initiative, Grupo M; and advertisers such as Telefónica, Volvo, Marsans, AC Hoteles, NH Hoteles, RIU Hotels, or Burger King, among others. Technologies for the measurement of the audience and the effectiveness of communication and online marketing operations.  The ability to disseminate and manage advertising campaigns with a high rate of segmentation thanks to a database of 22 million profiles of Internet users.

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