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Addoor Signs An Exclusive Advertising Contract To Represent

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Addoor Signs An Exclusive Advertising Contract To Represent

Addoor will market the advertising spaces on the page and carry out all kinds of sponsorships for the series and viral actions with the popular animation character. Adoor has just signed an exclusive representation contract with Nikodemo, the Iran Mobile Database creators of the famous flash animation character Cálico Electrónico, which since 2004 has become a social phenomenon with more than 75 million visits on the web  Cálico Electrónico emerged as a pioneer and native initiative on the Internet that offers pure digital entertainment 2.0 with highly adaptable content and a recognized brand; That is why the animations of Cálico Electrónico have a large audience that visits the page frequently to enjoy the content and that has a strong emotional link with the brand. Iran Mobile Database

Every day more than 30,000 unique users with a mostly male profile and 80% of them between 15 and 30 years old pass through the page, with sessions lasting more than 10 minutes. The webtoons also enjoy a wide viral diffusion: a systematic appearance is calculated in a minimum of 200 sites and blogs per week. His presence extends beyond the Internet: he appears on the news, stars in radio programs, appears on car stickers, sells merchandising), he is hired for advertisements, and the next few days the project for the Cálico TV series will be presented. at MIPCOM (the world’s most important content event held in Cannes).

Through Cálico Electrónico, advertisers have the opportunity to reach an audience that is difficult to reach in other circumstances. In addition to conventional banner advertising, Adoor offers sponsorship of animated series: a capsule (two-minute-long webtoon), an episode (ten minutes), or an entire season; as well as the sponsorship of the fan zone and the games. You can also carry out all kinds of creatives, technological developments, and viral marketing actions with the participation of Cálico.

The collaboration of Adoor and Cálico Electrónico marks in Spain the new advertising trend of 2009 on the Internet: product placement. In September, Google has started to launch video ads in the form of cartoon chapters, created exclusively by the author of the series “Family Guy.” These ads constitute the tip of launches a strategy to advertise increasingly effective, to segment and distribute original material Brother Cell Phone List through the Internet Calico Electrónico is a chubby, short, mustachioed antihero with great charisma and sympathy who uses colloquial language that combined with very healthy humor quickly draws a smile on the viewer. Winks and cameos to movies, series, cartoons, comics … etc, both classic and current, are a constant. This makes the audience’s emotional bond with the series even greater.


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