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Adagreed To Launch An Anti-Crisis Advertising Model

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Adagreed To Launch An Anti-Crisis Advertising Model

The accepted digital advertising distribution platform Adagreed will start operating tomorrow with a formula that is characterized as an “anti-crisis” model, since it proposes “solutions and benefits” for all agents involved in advertising investment, such as segmenting the public and paying for the ad that has been seen and valued by the user, who would also be Afghanistan Mobile Number List rewarded with a points system. This platform is created by a Valencian management team and has the support of “prestigious” advertisers, who will make their ads available to the user so that he can decide “when and how much advertising he wants to see in exchange for receiving points -ad looks- exchangeable for products or services of your interest, “the company reported today in a statement. Afghanistan Mobile Database

In this regard, they explained that the success of this formula lies in the fact that companies have found in this formula “an answer to reach their target audience in a friendly way and in all those digital channels to which they connect throughout the day, who have integrated Agreed “. Among the solutions and benefits offered by this platform is that advertisers Brother Cell Phone List obtain the maximum return on their investments, since the company “segments to the maximum and only pays for the advertisement that has been seen and valued by the user.” In addition, for digital media it means being able to significantly increase their income with advertising, respecting their users and adding value to them.

Likewise, users are rewarded for freely viewing advertising and what interests them, without being bothered with intrusive and unattractive formats, and creative agencies can do without the corset of small and intrusive formats and media agencies, moreover, manage to ensure their clients the maximum return on investment and add value with a single contract, they valued.

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