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Adagreed Is Born, The Platform That Revolutionizes Digital

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Adagreed Is Born, The Platform That Revolutionizes Digital

The new advertising platform interests and benefits all parties: advertisers, agencies, media, and, above all, the end-user. Today Agreed, a new universal platform for the distribution of advertising in digital format, was launched. It allows each consumer to be offered advertisements Cambodia Mobile Database that interests them, in exchange for receiving points –called looks– that they can transform into products or services: a movie or a game on a web TV, mobile credit, travel, gasoline, courses, tickets for cinema and other shows, legal downloads of music, programs or games, flat rates, hotel stays, MP3 players, televisions, beauty and spa treatments, fashion, restaurant dinners, among many others. Cambodia Mobile Database

Agreed adapts to any digital medium (internet, mobile, and IP television) and allows you to view advertisements at any time, with the highest quality and formats that were previously impossible to transfer to the internet. For its creators, the Spanish Artur Sales, Mateo Blay, Lorenzo Toldra, and Vicente Fort, Adagreed ushers in a new era; This model is going to transform the way people engage with ads. It is about friendly Brother Cell Phone List advertising, which interests and benefits everyone. It is based on the principle of respect for the consumer in all senses: it asks for their permission, it compensates them and it allows them to control both the number of ads and the favorite topics ”, says Artur Sales, president of the company.

Agreed will be operational for the public on April 16. During the previous month, a trial period will be carried out in a closed environment for which advertisers have been offered the possibility of using their campaigns at no cost.

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